Demo Reel


At the start of the semester, my goal was to attempt to translate the art style of Darkest Dungeon to Golden Sun. Images shown in the first ~20 seconds are not my work.

I started this process manually- I started learning to use Adobe Illustrator in the hopes that I might combine vector graphics with Spine and achieve acceptable results. I created a small set of vector-based assets and assigned them sets of color palettes to randomly select at runtime. The artwork of Darkest Dungeon embraces shadow and heavy lines, and the color range is usually limited enough to emulate.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered the Liberated Pixel Cup of OpenGameArt (whose assets can be seen at 0:50) and my focus shifted. Around this time, Unity increased their support for tile maps, which prompted me to start experimenting with their tool suite.

I also started to tinker with Unity's Post-Processing stack, as the vignette effect is prominent in Darkest Dungeon. This led to me working to implement the overlay effect that accompanies Psynergy use in Golden Sun. I accomplished this by separating interactive objects in their own layer- a material is applied to the camera lens that ignores the interactive layer.

It was around this time that I had the opportunity to attend GDC. One of the talks I attended was given by Wolff Dobson of Google, who brought my attention to Magenta, a research project that uses TensorFlow to explore that capabilities of machine learning in the creation of art and music. One of the modules featured by Magenta is image stylization. I've spent my remaining time this semester experimenting with Magenta's image stylization techniques, as the last ~20 seconds of the video exhibit. The source image (on the left) is a house from Golden Sun. The images to the right of it are the results of applying a style that Magenta is trained with to the source. The image at the end used a screenshot from Darkest Dungeon (an untrained attempt at style transfer).

Play The Latest Version

Version 0.0.3

March 26, 2018

World Abilities
- Player now has 4 ability slots bound to keys 1-4.
- Each ability is accompanied by an overlay tint that is applied to non-interactive world components, ala Golden Sun's Psynergy overlay.
Style Transfer
- Experimenting with style transfer using a pretrained tensorflow model.
- This gave me some ideas that I'm pretty excited about.
Vale Building from Golden Sun
Starry Night Vale Building from Golden Sun

Version 0.0.2

February 20, 2018

Cellular Graphs
- Each chunk is now connected as a graph node.
- Chunks containing houses now include wandering NPCs
- This is currently preassigned. It will be dynamically determined in the future.
Post Processing
- Added Unity's Post Processing Starting Kit. For now, just using Vignette.

Version 0.0.1

February 5, 2018

World Chunk Streaming
- World cells load and unload around the player based on distance.
- Cell states arenot currently saved upon destruction
Color Palettes
- Each chunk is assigned its own color palette, which tints the appropriate regions of its objects.
- This is currently preassigned. It will be dynamically determined in the future.
Damage Triggers
- OnDamaged interface for performing actions when a character is damaged.
- Current implementation causes the damaged character's material to flicker.